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About Our School

'Nullus Murus Nos Dividit' -No Wall Divides Us

Welcome to our website. We hope you find the information included useful and informative. Please access the menu on the left to find out all about us.

Antonine Primary School and Nursery Class is a learning community where we aim to Get It Right For Every Child, ensuring that the principles and philosophy underpinning a Curriculum for Excellence are visible and experienced.

Our teachers and early years officers aim to provide learning and teaching of the highest standard, with learning opportunities matched to the needs of pupils.

You, as a parent, child or friend are one of our partners in learning. We need to work with you to provide the learning community described above. We value your commitment to and involvement in the school community. We want you to encourage our children to work hard, behave well and make a contribution.

If you are forming a new link with the school or nursery we look forward to getting to know you; if you have been part of Antonine Primary School community for a while we thank you for your support and look forward to sharing with you throughout your child’s time in our campus and perhaps even beyond.